What We do

Visa Processing Services

The company offers a broad suite of service offerings designed to securely manage visa applications and issue visas, e-visas and resident permits. These services are streamlined in visa application lifecycle while providing flexibility for customization for each client. The company has expertise in establishing exclusive visa application centres on behalf of the mission. Pas-Services has established state-of-the-art customized visa application centres to make the applicant’s experience pleasant.we have grown to be the world leader in visa application processing services for diplomatic missions worldwide. Over the years, our technology-driven innovations have been the driving force behind revolutionising the way visa application services are managed and operated. Our company’s cutting-edge visa processing solutions have today evolved into a benchmark and seamless process to deliver unmatched levels of client satisfaction and an enhanced applicant experience.

Pas-Services plays a key role in client acquisition facilitating and attracting visitors and migrants to its client governments, which includes providing general information about visas and citizenship enquiries and support, providing accessible information in response to specific enquiries by prospective and existing applicants.

Citizen & Front-End Services

Today’s citizens and businesses demand an always-on, relevant and consistent government experience.

They expect a retail-grade, multi-channel experience that is just as efficient as the innovative private sector services they’ve become used to. Service agents too want to work for organizations able to equip them with the digital tools, information and support they need to deliver an efficient, consistent and personalized service.The challenge for governments is how best to use digital to meet these needs, whilst reducing operational costs and lowering the cost to serve in the face of on-going budgetary constraints – all without compromising on internal work conditions and the citizen experience.
With unmatched capabilities in Citizen Services, Pas-Services provides infrastructure, people, technology, systems and service integration and lifecycle support. All of this is delivered through our Citizen Service Centres, which provide a secure, modern and well-appointed front and back office environment with highly trained, vetted and professional personnel. The Company is a trusted partner for citizen services for the governments across the world. The Central, Regional and Local Governments collaborate with trusted external partners to provide secure, cost-effective and high-quality tailored services, enabling them to reduce identity fraud and improved national security and governance, while providing better quality and greater access to services within a strict financial framework. It enables governments to accurately assess crucial documents leaving the administrative part completely with the client.

Consular Services

For the Indian Government, Pas-Services accepts applications for OCI / Renunciation of Indian Citizenship, which can be submitted at the respective Pas-Services application centres in several countries around the world.Pas-Services Offers fast response and consistent advice to Clients, offers updated information and assistance via telephone enquiries, face to face interaction and aims to provide rapid and high-quality service, utilising specially trained staff.These include, accepting passport applications, replacement passports and associated travel documents, national identification cards, Consular appointments, renunciation of citizenships, and notarial services, including witnessing and authenticating documents.


The Electronic Visa (E-Visa) has emerged as one of the most convenient and revolutionary services in the travel domain. An E-Visa not only enables a client government to efficiently manage the visa application process entirely in a virtual environment, but provides a visa applicant with the unmatched convenience of applying for their visa from the location of their choice.Pas-Services firmly believes the ease of applying for visas and E-Visa Services is one of our prime front end services and serves as an alternative to visas issued at various missions and at the ports of entry. Pas-Services E-Visa Solution allows applying for visas via the internet after sending required information at our VAC’s Database Management System, thereby allowing governments to issue an electronic visa (E-Visa), making online payments by a credit or debit card and obtaining a confirmation letter which can be printed out or sent via e-mail. Pas-Services E-Visa solution allows handling of all activities via the internet; an E-Visa issuance solution is supported with a corresponding government inspection solution, where the border control systems are connected to the central visa database.

Biometrics & Identity Management Services

In this digital epoch, there’s a constant pressure on people to ensure that their established identities are secured in the web world and beyond.We all use proof of identity documents frequently- from applying for a loan to opening a bank account, we submit a lot of sensitive data to verify/authenticate our identity and streamline the process. Howbeit, sharing multiple IDs, for whatever reason comes with several privacy concerns. A data breach can lead to identity theft, sanctioning someone else to use (or misuse!) the user rights and/or privileges only you should have access to. Human errors, less consideration of risk management, malicious insider attacks, and many more issues are on a rapid rise, making us rethink our approach to identity management.
Our identity management and verification services help our clients with:

  • Improved national security
  • Reduced identity fraud
  • Effective decision-making
  • Efficient risk management
  • Enhanced customer service

Verification and Attestation Services

Having a global reach and local expertise, Pas-Services understands that there is a vital need for a well networked, scalable and professionally managed verification process to authenticate available information and supporting documents. Verifications team through its commitment to Quality, Authenticity and Reliability assures its business associates of correct reports without any prejudice; efficient turnaround times; and complete confidentiality.The company accepts documents from individuals and representatives on behalf of the Government and facilitates the Ministry by providing quick and genuine Ministry Attestation/Apostille services. Pas-Services also offers a range of services to simplify the entire process which includes translation services, state attestation services, etc.

It was time for a change in the Visa Industry.

Our visa specialists are available 24/7 to resolve ANY doubt on the spot. Try us and experience our world-class service for yourself.